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September 6, 2010

Samsung Captivate vs. Apple iPhone 4


Samsung, If you  wanted to beat the iPhone at its game, you should at least trump the iPhone hardware if not the software.  Anyone deciding between Captivate and iPhone 4, here is why you should be buying the iPhone 4 over the Captivate.

1. No front facing camera – This means no FaceTime. I can hear GoogleChic, cribbing about Facetime only available over Wi-Fi. Yes, and I would blame AT&T for that. But its something AT&T can decide to turn on anytime. Video calling is not new, but Apple’s FaceTime is yet to add a new page to it. Soon enough we might all be moving away from audio only calls, and do you want to be left behind without a front facing camera?

2. No camera flash – Captivate gives you a 5 mega pixel camera, but says no to a flash. Is that Samsung being stingy?

3. Crappy AT&T apps – You don’t want to be dealing with all the crapware from AT&T on your phone. I know you can take it off if you don’t want it, but why not get a nice and clean iPhone when you are at it?

4. Retina display and HDR photos –   I am in awe of the iPhone’s Retina display. Check out the video for Epic Citadel below. The super crisp 3Dish images should leave you gawking at the display. Although reviews indicate that Samsung’s AMOLED is comparable to Apple’s Retina display, the superior pixel density of the iPhone is something you should check out for yourself. As Apple says “Retina display’s pixel density is so high, your eye is unable to distinguish the pixels” HDR photos coming on iOS 4.1 is something I would die for. GoogleChic, got anything comparable to HDR photos on Captivate?

5. App-Store – With Apple, you get access to the 250,000 apps at the Apple Store which is more than twice that of the Android market place. GoogleChic, are you going to say that market place apps are growing in number? Do you think the App Store will be stagnant?

6. iPhone texting – At this point, GoogleChic will show you videos where Swype on Captivate  appears faster than iPhone texting. An iPhone texter has already beat the Swype record, but I am not going to use that to get you to buy the iPhone 4. Unless you have countless hours to get your swype -ing skills up to speed, go get the iPhone and text away gloriously (why re-invent the typing wheel right?)

7. iOS – Last but not the least, the Apple’s iOS trumps Android any day with super user friendly intuitive software. You don’t want to get an Android phone and be caught in the dark ages if Sammy decides that you are not fit enough for the software update. With Apple, you get it as soon as it’s released .. simple as that!

Googlechic, I know you are going to point out that it sometimes takes a while to update the iPhone, but hey isn’t that because millions of users are trying to get to it before you do and a few minutes is definitely better than waiting months to get the Android software.

Point to take home: iPhone 4 is any day better than Captivate. 🙂


Samsung can’t help it if AT&T wants to cripple their phone!

1)  Front facing camera. Again, you have AT&T to thank for opting out of the front facing camera option. The Epic 4G, Captivate’s sibling has a front facing camera, so clearly Samsung can provide that feature. Maybe AT&T opted out of it to save itself from another embrassement, another wifi only video time. As for Facetime over 3G, I wouldn’t hold my breathe AppleGirl, you’ll have better luck waiting for the iPhone to come out on Verizon and use Facetime on their stable network. I mean, AT&T is too busy fixing their dropped call right? Millions of customers on their flimsy network would sure cause a blackout 😉 Check out the picture below, I took it while trying to watch Apple’s keynote on a iPhone (umm Networkwork overload)?

2) No flash, pick a side AppleGirl, you said that flash wasn’t a deciding factor. I’m pretty tired of saying this, but yet again AT&T screwing things up. Captivate’s siblings the Epic 4G and Fascinate offers a flash.

3) AT&T apps – Wow, we’re now going to gripe about uninstalling apps? Settings-> Applications -> Manage Applications. That’s it, go uninstall the apps to your heart’s content!

4) Retina display? Oh vey! You need to check out the Super AMOLED in person, check out Avatar on the Samsung (just for you AppleGirl, check out Avatar on the Samsung vs. iPhone 4).  That sure beats your Citadel! As for HDR photos, you realize that’s just a software upgrade right? Being able to snap 3 pictures and put it together is surely something that Google can do.

5) Market, the Android phones can do anything an iPhone can do, even better! Oh don’t forget it’s probably free also!

6) Texting, don’t be jealous AppleGirl that you can’t get Swype. The Captivate does have an on screen keyboard just like the iPhone. Swype is just a bonus feature. If you can type quickly on an iPhone you sure can do it on the Captivate.

7) OS – The iOS trumps Android anyday? I guess if you’re boring and don’t want to be able to customize your desktop or anything else then yes, iOS is for you. You can have the same old app drawer like the millions of iPhone users out there! Now, if you want notifications, customizable desktops, widgets in which you can view FB status, tweet right from your desktop then Android is for you!

By the way, remember Android is open source, update at will. No need to “wait” for the update, it’s already out there. Thanks to Cyanogen (along with other devs) you can get enhanced features for your OS. It’s also easy, just follow the instructions. Now, if you have a Nexus that’s a bonus, Google pushes the updates directly and it takes 2 mins versus the pain of having to fight a million other users trying to get the same upgrade. If Apple was smarter, they would phase the upgrade over the span of several days instead of crashing their servers.

Point taken? Pick an Android device over the iPhone 4. The Captivate is the best Android that AT&T has to offer but there are much better Android devices out there. Stop staying with the crap network that will only promote the iPhone.

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August 25, 2010

Fastest Texting on the iPhone!


GoogleChic, don’t be under the illusion that Swype helps you type faster!

A few days ago, a British woman named Melissa Thompson walked into a Samsung roadshow and beat the current Guinness World Record for fastest texting and she used Swype. I can see GoogleChic glowing with pride. But it sounds like a well laid out publicity stunt to me!

An iPhone user came across this news and tried his hand at it. Check it out! He beat the British lady  by more than 3 seconds!

GoogleChic, do you need more proof that the iPhone allows faster texting than your Swype? There goes your coveted feature on Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy phone! iPhone texting beats Swype any day! Plus no learning curve that comes with Swype.


AppleGirl, of course I’m proud! She used an Android device to beat the Guinness record :). Supposedly, Melissa was out of shape with texting and still beat the Guiness world record.

As for the iPhone user who beat Melissa’s record by 3 secs, think if they were to use Swype on the Samsung Galaxy S. Maybe they’ll shave another 5 secs off, and be the ultimate fastest person in the world! Just something to ponder about.

Try it for yourselves, how fast can you type this?

The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.

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July 26, 2010

Samsung vs iPhone


The rumors are confirmed! Samsung is giving out free Galaxy S for frustrated iPhone 4 users.  Hey AppleGirl, maybe they can convince you to make the switch, I’m sure a day with it you’ll fall in love!  The Galaxy S spots an amazing 4.0 SUPER AMOLED screen (yes I’m drooling!). The Galaxy S can do everything an iPhone can do and even better! Swype comes preloaded, if you’re not familiar with Swype check out the video below (it’s Swype versus the iPhone and Swype is kicking butt!).Check out the Samsung Galaxy S video below and see for yourselves. Would you switch?

P.S Samsung, wat the hey! where’s the flash? I would have called it an iPhone killer if that wasn’t missing! (arrggg I can see the AppleGirl glowing now)

Source: CNN


Samsung has been making the most of iPhone antennagate buzz with their twitter campaign and advertisements. What Samsung seems to forget is that it might soon be payback time when Apple decides to include Galaxy on the “all-smartphone-antennas-suck” page. 😀

Moreover, GoogleChic why would Samsung want to give away free phones? Is it because they are  not super confident  about attracting customers using the AMOLED screen? Also, its a bummer to hear HTC acknowledge the over saturated color on AMOLED (Considering the fact that HTC  seems  to be the Android flagship nowadays).

Technically speaking, , the resolution on the iPhone is 640×960 pixels and the Galaxy only provides 480×800 pixels. There have been mixed reviews on which one is better and it appears that Galaxy is putting up a fight for the spot.

Galaxy is far from beating iPhone 4 in the hardware section. Critics claim that Galaxy has a cheap plastic case with noisy buttons that vibrate, no front facing camera among other issues.

GoogleChic, dont get carried away with Swype. Would someone buy Galaxy just for the swype feature? I would say Not! Although your video makes it appear as though Swype allows much faster typing. It might actually be more confusing than helpful. The lines that show while the finger is moving hide the other letters. That means in order to use Swype effectively you should know the position of the letters by heart.

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