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September 26, 2011

Amazon and Apple Media Events coming up


AllThings D reports that the Apple media event hosted by the new CEO Tim Cook scheduled on October 4 is to be held at Apple’s headquarters at Cupertino, California. There are several theories flying around why the event is not being held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. However, the excitement around the media event is the expected release of iPhone 5. What will be interesting to see is if Jobs himself is in attendance at the event.

Amazon too has a media event scheduled but on September 28, when it is expected to launch its Android based Tablet. The tablet is expected to be deeply integrated into Amazon’s services and products – Kindle, Cloud Player, Video Player and App Store. The entry-level price point is expected to be $250. I am curious to see what kind of competition Amazon is going to bring to the table.


It’ll be interesting for sure to see how Tim Cook fairs in his first Apple event as the new CEO. He’s got some pretty big shoes to fill, although if it is the iPhone 5 launch everyone will be ogling at the phone instead of him 🙂

As you should have guessed by now, I am more excited about the Amazon event as compared to the Apple event. Although the Amazon tablet will probably look nothing like a typical Android device since it’s going to be running a heavily skinned UI and you definitely can’t compare it to a Samsung Tabs for sure. However, for the 200 price range it should would make a good gift for family members 🙂


December 12, 2010

Honeycomb – sneak preview


Early this week, Andy Rubin gave a preview of Honeycomb on an unannounced Motorola 10 inch tablet. More pictures were released today of the devices, check it out via Engadget.

The Motorola tablet looks amazing, especially the UI. AppleGirl shouldn’t have any issues operating this device, it doesn’t have any buttons. Also, it rotates according how it’s held (sounds pretty simple to me)  😉

Jokes aside, AppleGirl will LOVE Andy’s comment about Apple. “Apple has done a perfect job on being an intergrator of hardware and software”, this was Andy’s response when asked if the Motorola tablet was Google’s vision of a perfect tablet. Of course, long story short is that Google is not in the market of making hardware.

Check out the video below, the Google maps update looks sweet! I can’t wait to get it on my phone.

P.S Check out Andy at 5:05 in the video, being a little possessive aren’t we? 🙂


Andy praised Apple for being the perfect integrator, more so because he wanted to point out that Android is more like Apple than Microsoft. ROFL. According to him, Microsoft throws software out there and lets Acer and others build PC’s out of it. Ahem, I thought Android does pretty much the same 😀 Don’t they release software for every aspiring phone and tablet maker out there? I am not sure what Andy Rubin was going for.

The part that cracked me up most was when Andy Rubin was explaining how Android on tablets is different from Android on phones, and this was what the interviewer said “Isn’t that essentially what Apple did?” Ouch!

P.S: GoogleChic, you say Andy Rubin was “possessive” when he didn’t allow the interviewer to play with the Motorola tablet. I think it was more like he was “scared that Honeycomb would crash on him during an interview” 😉

September 18, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab- take your pick!


It looks like it’s going to be a full house  again with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Samsung announced yesterday that the Galaxy Tab will be available via  all major US carriers (T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint).

Samsung also announced that a WiFi only version will be available! This means no service contract and data plans (Whoop!)! However, there’s no news on the pricing for any of these devices just yet.

One odd thing is odd is that the US version of the Galaxy Tab will not have telephony capabilities unlike its European model. Am I going to cry over this? No! That’s what a phone is for, and don’t forget you still have the VoIP option if you really want to use it as a phone.

Lastly, movies and next day TV shows will be offered via Media Hub. I think Media Hub is a very nice feature for movies, but I’m still not jumping up and down for joy about the TV shows. I mean Android does have Flash so you could wait for the shows to be posted online to watch, I guess it’s a nice to have if the network doesn’t offer online episodes.

Watch out AppleGirl, with the Samsung Tab being readily available with on all of the major US carriers, do you still think the iPad will dominate?


Is this going to be another round of device dwarfing just so the Samsung tablet fits into the carrier plans like the Galaxy phones? Sprint customers; don’t hold your breath expecting another Epic 4G, because Samsung is not releasing a 4G version of the Galaxy Tab. T-Mobile customers, you won’t be getting the Tab on T-Mobile’s HSPA + network as well. That leaves Verizon and AT&T. You think AT&T customers would buy an Android device when they have an Apple device at their beckoning?

GoogleChic, I am glad you are not crying over not having voice call functionality on the Tab because I think Samsung and the carrier networks should be beating themselves bad over that blunder(esp if its available in UK). If your Tab is extremely portable because it is 7 inches (maybe you don’t have the extra 3 inches space in you handbag or manbag to hold an iPad), a good smart phone-mini tablet is what we don’t have in the market (Intentionally ignoring  Dell Streak here).  Want to get ahead of the iPad? Launch a device into an untapped market. But instead, Samsung insists on being the best knock-offer (Does the word knock-offer exist? Nevermind, I just made it up). Elaborating on the knock-offer attributes, Samsung makes a device just like an iPad (only 3 inches shorter), makes Apple like accessories, and top it all off gives you video conferencing on Wi-Fi only. GoogleChic, isn’t that what we call Facetime on iPad? Yes, the same Facetime over Wifi you keep cribbing about. 😉

Wow, you get a Media Hub as well? Anything compared to the iTunes store? I’m not even going to draw a comparison here since we all know who wins this round hands down.

As it is, the battery life of the iPad is super trumping the Samsung Tab (iPad has 10 hours video, 140 hours audio playback , one month standby  and Samsung Tab has 7 hours video). Hmm, I wonder if that 7 hours would be any shorter with GoogleChic watching videos on Flash websites.

Alas, Samsung couldn’t get their hands on Apples iOS, so they decided to stick the Tab with another copycat, Android OS. Apple’s newest updates including Airplay wireless streaming and the colossal giant App store with Apps made to render to the 10 inch iPad, sets the Tablet software bar higher than Android.

Last but not the least, let’s talk about the price. Although Samsung hasn’t released the price point in the US, here’s a feeler about how it is faring in UK. Amazon has listed the product for  a mind boggling £800 as compared to £529 for a 16 Gb Wifi-3G  Apple iPad.  Amazon has also listed a 15% discount which brings the Tab down up £680. Of course, with carrier subsidization, the price may vary in the United States. But if the Tab is going to cost more than an iPad, GoogleChic, really I don’t think even you would be buying the Galaxy Tab! 🙂

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August 7, 2010

iPad’s first ever knockoff, Android iPed


GoogleChic, Just to refresh your memory, you know that the first Android tablet was a iPad knock off right? (Continuing our copy cat conversation from before)

The iPed started off selling for a cheap $105 in May this year. Since you are so hell bent against Apple, you might like this Android packaged as an iPad. I still can’t tell whether they named it “iPED” or “APAD”. Go figure!

If you didn’t like the iPad knock-off, here’s another option. Android OS on the iPhone. Wouldn’t that be heaven for you? 😀


What a surprise, leave it to the Asians to create a knock off.  But hey, if you launch the iPad in Asia later than U.S they’ve got to make their own right? So while they’re at it, why not have the best of both worlds, Apple hardware and Android OS (because we know that’s the best!)

Looks like you can get the iPed for under $200, but I’m holding out to see what the Samsung Tab will bring to the table.

AppleGirl, as for the Android OS running on the iPhone, NO THANKS! There are so many new awesome phones coming out with sweet hardware! Check out the HTC Desire and Dell Streak. Not to mention Dell Streak is a mini tablet as well 🙂

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