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July 13, 2011

New Android Market – Hit or Miss?


Google is soon going to release a new version of the Market for phones running Android 2.2 and above. I have to say that I’m rather shocked that it has the tile look and feel, similar to the Windows 7 phone. I’m sure AppleGirl is having a good laugh at my expense right now since she knows how much I HATE the Windows look and feel. 

The new Market will allow for users to rent movies and download them to view later if a data connection is not available. In addition, you can buy books directly from the Market instead of using a separate app for that. Overall, there are some good new features, but I just don’t like the tile look! Who knows, maybe I’ll get used to i?

Check it out for yourselves.



If you have ever seen the Android Market interface, you know the convoluted look and feel of Android. So Google decides to revamp it. And what do they make it look like? Windows Phone 7. ROFL.  GoogleChic, you were right about me having a good laugh 🙂

Market comes with a lot of top Apps – Top free, Top paid, Trending, Staff picks, Top grossing, Top new paid, Top new free, Editor’s choice – now we know what convoluted means.

GoogleChic can’t you customize Market like everything else on Android? Such a bummer 😛


March 26, 2011

Microsoft and Nokia trying to make a comeback with $1 billion?


Have you seen the latest numbers reported by comScore survey? Out of 30,000 subscribers, Google took the lead with 31.2% of the market share! RIM came in at 30.4%, Apple at 24.7% and Microsoft at 8.0%.

With Microsoft at 8% no wonder they’re paying Nokia $1 billion to manufacture their Windows Phone. If they succeed, it will benefit both parties. However, are they too late? It’ll be a long trek up from the bottom of the ladder, let’s see how this pans out.

source: comScore,bloomberg


A Securities and Exchange commission document indicates that Nokia expects to transition to Windows Phone 7 platform in about two years. Yes TWO years! Can you imagine where iPhone and Android phones will be by then?

Nokia also indicates that until it moves to Windows Phone 7, it will continue to leverage its investment in Symbian. Nokia has had a setback in the phone industry with the advent of the iPhone and Android devices. I really doubt if tieing the knot with Microsoft is going to help them to make a comeback.

What do you think?

source: ComputerWorld

January 15, 2011

Love iTunes, but don’t have an iPhone?


Now you can control your iTunes via a Windows Phone 7 App. The Remote App lets you to browse and control your iTunes playlists and albums from the palm of your hand. To make it work, you will need to install a pairing utility software on your computer. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7  and Mac OS X.

I don’t get why someone would want a Windows phone 😉 but in any case the $1.99 Remote App for Windows Phone 7 has limited functionality when compared to the free Remote App for the iPhone which lets you control media streaming (Airplay) to Apple TV, create genius playlists, control music streaming to Airplay enabled speakers and control speaker volumes.


If you own music on iTunes, it leads me to believe you have some type of Apple device (iPod, Mac book etc). With that said, I’m not sure why an  Apple user would choose a Windows Phone 7 over an iPhone. To me, it seems like a no brainier and we all know that I’m not an Apple advocate.

I saw a Windows Phone 7 in action just the other day and it was so slow, it was pathetic.  It was like watching a turtle crawl! Not to mention, it took way too many keystrokes just to navigate to where you want to go.

Better yet, get an Android phone 😉  Android offers a remote app for iTunes as well. You can get the TunesRemote for free!

July 23, 2010

So, who wants a windows anything?


After their Windows Mobile debacle, Microsoft has decided to re-enter the mobile market, again? (Can’t they get a hint?)

This time, Microsoft has a whole new approach. Give away free phones to all its 93,000 employees (to spur app development). Whoa! Thats a genius idea! Whoever came up with it? Well, actually I think it was Apple. I am sure GoogleChic would love to disagree with me.

But wait, if someone gave you a free windows phone when you already own an iPhone, what would you do? You would probably check it out, try to use it (after all you got it free!) for a lil bit and toss it over to cuddle back into the arms of your  Iphone. I would! I think thats how it is going to run with the MS employees.

Windows Phone 7 is no more a contender to the iPhone than Android is. Why do they even try?
What’s your take?


One word. UGLY! The UI is an abomination! The start panel feels unorganized, the real estate of the screen is used terribly. Why are the tiles so big? Why do I need 1/4 of my screen to display the title (People, Pictures etc.)? Is it not apparent enough that you’re in the contacts mode or in the gallery looking at pictures? Apparently not!

As if the UI isn’t bad enough it looks like it will take an act of god to navigate to where you need to get to. Windows Phone 7 does not look user friendly at all (come on,look at the name itself).

AppleGirl, how can you compare this abomination to the Android? By the way, “The device won’t support copy and paste, and won’t support third-party multitasking of apps.” AppleGirl this should hit home for you, you should be familiar with this 😉

Source: engadget

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