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March 5, 2011

The possibilities with Android


No, Android hasn’t taken over the world yet. Check out the video below. It sure reminds us how fast Android has grown and what the future may hold.

P.S I’m sure AppleGirl will say Apple had dominated the world 😉

via: androidcentral


It’s funny that people equate quantity with quality. Growing Android numbers only indicates cheap devices and a multi vendor ecosystem, not how great the device is by itself!

We all agree that Windows sucks? (Even Bill Gates thinks so) 🙂 Here’s something to ponder over.. Is Android taking the Microsoft path? Check out the tribute to Bill Gates at his retirement. Could this be Larry Page in a few years? 🙂

August 19, 2010

Best phone for Fred Flintstone

Want to buy a mobile phone that matches the rest of your accessories? Then we found the perfect phone for you. It is hand-crafted  Apple tree wood from the Siberian forests. Every part like the antenna, SIM card, battery has it’s own place in the wooden structure. Jeez, isn’t it a beauty? 🙂

Here’s another wooden but a classy phone from Gresso for Wilma. You will have to first rob a bank to get this one. It costs a whopping $46,000 or a trillion boulders, million rocks and 500 pebbles for you cavemen. The phone case is a 400 year old African black-wood with 23 function keys made of 18 K gold and black diamonds. If you liked it, we know you wouldn’t care of what’s under the hood. But just to let you know,  it comes with a 2MP camera, audio, video player and an OS that we HATE! Gresso OS based on Windows Mobile 5.0!!

There is another option, for a total of 10K you can get a his and her matching decked out iPhone 4 (from our blog last week). Gresso can pimp it with 200 year old African blackwood, branded Apple made of 18K gold  and last but not least decorate it with Swarovski crystals. Or if you want to go all out, there is always that million dollar Gresso jackpot we drooled over last week. 🙂

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