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February 26, 2012

Shepard Fairey iPhone cases


The popular American street artist, Shepard Fairey, known for his popular HOPE poster, has collaborated with Incase design to release iPhone, iPad and laptop cases and backpacks with his iconic “Obey Giant” street art. The artwork combines symbols of peace from across different cultures with Fairey’s ideology and vision of self-empowerment to promote harmony.

The Fairey-Incase line consists of iPod Touch case (30 USD), iPhone case (40 USD), MacBook Air (79 USD), 13″ and 15″ laptop sleeves (80 USD and 90 USD) and laptop backpack (150 USD).

I love Fairey’s iconic designs and having recently seen his murals around where I live, I am inclined to get one of the iPhone cases. 

[Source]: DesignTAXI via DesignBoom

November 1, 2011

iPad 2, iPhone 4 & iPod deals


Walmart is offering free smart covers or a $50 iTunes gift card with the purchase of iPad 2 and Target is offering you a $40 gift card with an iPad 2 purchase along with deals on other iOS devices (see flyer below). Target also has 10 % off the iPod in store via this printable coupon.

Source: 9to5Mac

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May 17, 2011

iPod Nano Watch


It’s old news that the Nano can be worn on your wrist. But we have a new player in the field. Kickstarters raised $1M for LunaTik+TikTok wristbands with nearly 13,500 backers! These wrist watches will be carried at the Apple Store. If you are on the lookout for other styles, you can find some on Griffin.

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August 18, 2010

Smell that funk?


An exploding iPod in a Japanese subway, how embarrassing for Apple! This comes after the fact that the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has already urged Apple to replace iPods made between September 2005 and December 2006 due to reported incidents of overheating, causing fires and minor burns.

AppleGirl, no need to reference Antennagate here.  An 8 min delay on a Japanese subway should say enough, considering 2 mins on their  books is a train behind schedule.


GoogleChic, I just got a tip from one of my buddies at Apple and confirmed the new rumor around the mill!

The burning Apple product on the Japanese train was an iPuff, a top-secret (and dare I say patented!) new sensation. Apple secretly released it to a select few for field testing.My sources indicate that the iPuff will be released on Feb 29, 2011.

In the meantime, maybe I can snag a few from my buddy. GoogleChic, want one? 😉

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